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About Us

The Shorin-Ryu Karate Academy Demo Team started in late July 2001. Originally there were four of us. Allie Boyd, Derek Gendron, Dan Gonzalez, and Kerri Doherty. Nick Katcher join a few days later.

Kerri left in late August for school reasons which left the four of us to be a team, which we have been ever since.
In late March 2002 we started a Jr. Demo Team to perform as an opening act for us and as a stepping stone to eventually join the Demo Team. The four members are Luke McDowell, Emily McDonaugh, John Vogel, and Danny O'Brian.

We have had our ups and downs while being a team. But we always came through. To date we have had eight demos.

Barnyard Bingo - Oct 13,2001
Halloween Party - Oct 27,2001
The Seminar - Nov 18,2001
Holiday Party - Dec 8,2001
Feb Youth Camp - Feb 19,2002
Jr. Ninjas Class - Apr 12,2002
Jr. Ninjas Class - June 21,2002
Jr. Ninjas Class - June 28,2002

The Jr. Demo Team has had three demos.
Jr. Ninjas Class - March 29, 2002
Jr. Ninjas Class - Apr 12, 2002
Jr. Ninjas Class - June 28, 2002

Danny and Allie with the bo

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