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Our Organization's Background
The American Shorin-ryu Karate Association is a National non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and advancement of the Okinawan martial arts. To this purpose our karate association is indeed blessed to have three giants leading the way. As a close family we call them "Papa" and they truly are papas.

Papa Paul Keller is our president and founder. Sensei Keller won National recognition in Okinawan weaponry by placing first in key tournaments in the 70's and was recognized as one of the top twenty karate stars by Official Karate magazine in 1975. Sensei Paul has sponsored several defensive tactics clinics for peace officers in Ohio and Virginia. In 1983, he served as personal (inner circle) bodyguard for Malcom S. Forbes.

Papa Chris Clarke, continues to set the highest standards encouraging us to achieve levels we never knew existed. Papa Chris is a wealth of information. He has studied Goshin do and the Hakkoryu style of ju-jitsu receiving his nidan in 1968. He also trained in Koybayashi Shorin-ryu and received his nidan in 1970. The Beikoku Karate Remmei awarded him his instructors certificate in 1971. Sensei Clarke also trained under Dr. Kotaka Sadao, Godan in Nihon Kendo and Kogen Ittoryu Iaido. The American Kendo Federation in 1976 awarded him the rank of Shodan in both styles. As of late he has published three books: Climbing the Mountain-in search for the Soul of Karate, Kamikaze-Japan's "Divine Wind" and the spirit of the Martial Arts, and his third, Samurai, Scoundrels, and Saints.

Our chief trainer papa Joe Hays provides solid grounding in the most practical applications of our techniques and principals. He has studied Judo and Pa-kua and Tai chi in the 60's and converted his home into a dojo.

Our Massachusetts Schools

The Northeast Shorin-Ryu Karate Academy of Andover is led by Sensei Steve Iannetti, 3rd Degree Black Belt, 1st Degree Weapons (Kobudo). Sensei Steve is assisted by Sensei Thomas A. Wirtanen, 4th Degree Black Belt. The Andover school is run through the Andover Department of Community Services and meets twice a week at Bancroft elementary school. Youth classes start at 8 years of age. Adult classes are held for students typically 12 years of age and up. Non-residents are welcome. For more information, contact the DCS at (978) 623-8274.

The Shorin-Ryu Karate Academy of Waltham is led by Sensei James True. Sensei Jim is a Full Instructor and has achieved the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt. Sensei True is also the Head Instructor for the Northeast Shorin-Ryu Karate Academy of Andover. The Waltham school offers a wide variety of classes for all ages. For more information, contact the Waltham school at (781) 894-6585.

The Sessa Kai Dojo is led by Senseis Mike Pepe and Brian Farrell. Sensei Mike holds the rank of Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) and Sensei Brian Farrell holds the rank of Yodan (4th Degree Black Belt). They are assisted by Kristen Pepe, 2nd Degree Black Belt. Feel free to contact Sensei Mike at Ask questions, make comments, discuss bunkai. For more information, contact the Sessa Kai Dojo in Watertown at (617) 924-1218.

* the following is from The Northeast Shorin-Ryu Karate Academy of Andover website.

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